Wild Rice: Farm to Table

Getting wild rice to your kitchen requires a lot of hard work and some heavy machinery.

Rice is considered a “semi-aquatic”, that is it grows on a level parcel of land that gets flooded every year. The plant seeds, which are dormant until April, scatters when we harvest, so there is never a need for reseeding.

The gathered rice is put into metal totes. Each tote holds 1500 pounds of rice, which is almost half moisture that will be evaporated as the rice processes. By raising the temperature of the rice to 120 degrees for 48 hours, a process of fermentation begins. This process loosens the hulls of the rice, which is then rinsed and cooled. Now 800 pounds of rice is loaded into each “parcher” where it will cook for about 3 hours. When the parching is complete the rice goes up an elevator to the cleaner.

The Cleaner

The Bagger


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